The Tips And Tricks Of Horse Riding

The first time on horseback is usually scary. You struggle to keep yourself steady on the horseback as well as to keep the horse steady. An expert guide is always important irrespective of your skill level. This is because horse breeds differ in their behaviors. Following the following tips can make the experience less scary for you.

The Right Gear

Right gear means safety

Putting on the right gear is very important when it comes to horse riding. Jean pants and boots are usually the basic requirements by many tour guides.

Flip-flops are not allowed because your feet can easily slip through the stirrups. Purses and carvings worn around the neck can easily get entangled with the saddle, horse, or tree as you move through the pines. They are therefore discouraged.

Be Confident

Confidence gain friendship

If you are nervous, your body will likely be uneasy, and your horse will feel this uneasiness. Ranch horses are usually trained to be mounted from the left side.

While mounting the horse, you should ask somebody to hold its head so that it remains steady. The best sitting position on a horse is straight and tall. Slouching on the horse can make it feel like it is carrying a heavier load.

Be Gentle

Gentle touch gains trust

There are different riding techniques; the Western and the English. The rein is held with both hands in the English while in the Western style, the rein is held with one hand.

Whichever technique you prefer, always try to be gentle in pulling the reins or you may hurt the horse. For no reason should you lift the reins above your shoulder.

The Horse Is Not Responding To Stop Cues

There’s always a way to get the horse back on track

There are times you may lose control of your horse. Either they are moving too fast or refusing to respond to your stop cues. An ‘emergency brake’ is to pull the reins to one side till the head of the horse turns.

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