Italy has much to offer, from the diverse cuisines to the fine wines to the breathtaking infrastructures and the alluring weather. However, there is another very popular culture in Italy that is less talked about; the culture of horse riding. There are lots of fascinating locations where tourists can enjoy remarkable horse-riding experience to consolidate their Italy experience.

Italy consists of two mountain ranges, Apennines and Alps. About 10 percent of these landscapesare protected by law which gives you the inexplicable sensation of riding in natural areas. Siena holds a medieval festival which features horse race.

Italians are warm and welcoming people who love to share life pleasures with others. There are various other historic horse-riding locations in Italy and many of them are highlighted below alongside their benefits.

Santa Cristina Castle

The most thrilling view about this location is the Mezzano Lake that was once a volcanic crater that formed as long as 400,000 years ago. The natural beauty of this historic location has remained preserved over many centuries making it a great location for horse riding treks.

There is a sense of inner calm that you will feel as your horse gallops across farmlands and meander through wooded hills. You can move from Onano through local farms to the flat open plains of Mezzano Crater or explore the Brigand’s Path which is a famous route for the Nocchieto trek. At the dawn of the setting sun, Santa Cristina Castle also offers you warm and cozy accommodations.

Tuscan Villages And Vintages

Horseback riding holiday in the Villages and Vintages dates back to the 18th century. In these medieval villages, you will have access to well-trained horses that will allow you to explore the olive groves, the vineyards and various other parts of the villages.

You can head to the nearby castle from which you will have a picturesque view of the riding center. When planning a visit to this area it is important to include in your itinerary horse riding through the Cyprus-lined roads terminating at the neighboring vineyard where you will get to taste the best local wines.

Cilento Farmhouse

In South-western Italy, you will find Cilento Farmhouse in the heart of Cilento National Park that gives you a pleasure of riding out each day to explore the protected and beautiful landscape of the National park. The Amalfi coastline has an alluring panoramic view which you can savor from your horseback.

If you visit this area during the winter months of September to May, you will get to ride to the beach. On some days too, you may also get the opportunity to climb high into the mountains for a more robust view. Lining your path along the way would be quiet farm tracks, fruit orchards, olive groves, and ancient villages crawling with historic monuments.

Molise Valleys And Hills

Botanical Garden -

This location stands out because of its six riding options. Riders will get to enjoy moving through undisturbed natural settings as they move through old cattle tracks, beautiful meadows, and mountains.

There is no experience as thrilling as riding responsive horses and mingling with nature.

The variety of options offered by this location also makes it a great destination for tourists looking for a variety of experience in a single location.

Tuscany Castle

Tuscany Castle is a 17th-century castle located about one and a half hours from Rome. For many generations, the Caterini family owned this property but only recently did they breathe life into it by restoring the farmhouse and cottages.

Some of the features that will delight any horse rider in this location include the trails and the certified and well-groomed horses. Visitors from English speaking countries will also feel at home because of the large number of English-speaking staff here.

Sicily Charming Mountains

Your experience of the beautiful island of Sicily will not be complete without a horse-riding experience. Many visitors to this area agree that the exotic Sicilian hills are better viewed from horsebacks.

Besides exploring the breathtaking views of this place, you will also explore some of Italian favorite foods and drinks from the local restaurants. The most thrilling experience that riders will get from this location is the customized rides tailored to suit individual experience.