Horse Riding Holidays And Excursions At Pippa’s Paddock

If you are looking for the largest Italian island where you can enjoy the best of horse riding experience, Sicily should be your top priority. Sicily is one of the treasures of Southern Italy which can fill your itinerary with diverse activities ranging from exploring nature to having a peek at historical horse-riding locations.

Sicily’s land seems to be endowed with nature’s wonders including hills, mountains with seas of incredible colors.

The fascination of this island grows when you consider the treasured historic archaeological sites. For example, the greatest active volcano in Europe, Etna, is found on the eastern coast of Sicily. It is usually the first stop for those trying to discover this region.

Those who love to trek can enjoy guided excursion along different routes through the natural park of Sicily. Those who prefer to explore the wonders of this area can also do so on horsebacks. If you nursed the fascination of becoming an expert in horse riding, Il Paretaio has the best riding schools in the world for beginners and experts.

How Pippa’s Paddock Started?

Preparing for our morning horse ride… Mark with Quasimir
(photo by PippaPaddock)

Mark was a car racer for two decades in the 1980s and 90s. He traveled extensively this time and explored the island including the remote places. The knowledge gathered during this period was the basis for the foundation of Pippa’s Paddock.

Pippa’s Paddock is located in North of Sicily, around the Madonie Mountains. Pippa’s Paddock takes pride in treating guests like a family and providing them with a breathtaking holiday experience around the region.

Active Adventure

Over the past years, Pippa’s Paddock has organized a number of holidays and excursions. Inasmuch as they focus on giving the guest the unique feel of experiencing Italian cultures like food, wine, and visiting historic places, their specialty is horse riding holidays.

Sine Mark has traveled extensively around the island, Pippa’s Paddock is able to design an itinerary that is customized to suit the taste of every visitor. In the plan of a holiday experience, Pippa’s Paddock reaches all types of places, from the old to the new to ensure a fun holiday with sustained activities.

A Peek Into A Typical Day

What to do at Pippa’s Paddock

A typical day during a one-week riding holiday with Pippa’s Paddock is almost unpredictable. Some days you saddle up after breakfast for a 2 to 3 hours ride. After lunch in the afternoon, you either take a rest or go on excursions.

Evenings are no different. Pippa’s Paddock either takes you to different restaurants in town to enjoy a variety of Italian foods or barbeque is made in the terrace.

The routine changes frequently and the aim is to sustain the exciting holiday feeling.

Accepted Age Range And Rates

The horse-riding holidays organized by Pippa’s Paddock accommodates a large variety of audience, from beginners to expert. This is because the horses are well-trained. Riders who have varying abilities are divided into groups to make it easier to care for them.

There are different holiday riding packages. The 5-day trip cost € 650 while the 7-day trip cost €945. The prices can change depending on the season too.

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