The Tips And Tricks Of Horse Riding

The first time on horseback is usually scary. You struggle to keep yourself steady on the horseback as well as to keep the horse steady. An expert guide is always important irrespective of your skill level. This is because horse breeds differ in their behaviors. Following the following tips can make the experience less scary for you.

The Right Gear

Right gear means safety

Putting on the right gear is very important when it comes to horse riding. Jean pants and boots are usually the basic requirements by many tour guides.

Flip-flops are not allowed because your feet can easily slip through the stirrups. Purses and carvings worn around the neck can easily get entangled with the saddle, horse, or tree as you move through the pines. They are therefore discouraged.

Be Confident

Confidence gain friendship

If you are nervous, your body will likely be uneasy, and your horse will feel this uneasiness. Ranch horses are usually trained to be mounted from the left side.

While mounting the horse, you should ask somebody to hold its head so that it remains steady. The best sitting position on a horse is straight and tall. Slouching on the horse can make it feel like it is carrying a heavier load.

Be Gentle

Gentle touch gains trust

There are different riding techniques; the Western and the English. The rein is held with both hands in the English while in the Western style, the rein is held with one hand.

Whichever technique you prefer, always try to be gentle in pulling the reins or you may hurt the horse. For no reason should you lift the reins above your shoulder.

The Horse Is Not Responding To Stop Cues

There’s always a way to get the horse back on track

There are times you may lose control of your horse. Either they are moving too fast or refusing to respond to your stop cues. An ‘emergency brake’ is to pull the reins to one side till the head of the horse turns.

The Riding Packages Available At Mandra Edera

If you are looking for a luxury hotel that extends its services beyond food and accommodation Mandra Edera is the place of your dream.

This lovely country hotel offers horse riding lessons cut across all riding levels. This facility boasts of two junior and eight garden suites and four standard double rooms. Furnished in the traditional Sardinian style, this hotel is also equipped with a safe, minibar, and air conditioning systems.

The hotel owners breed championship winning horses which always live up to their reputation. Mandra Edera offers two basic riding packages; Starfish Ride at the Coast (Stella di Mare) and Mountains and Sea (Monti e Mare). Each of the packages helps you to discover the beauty of Sardinia on horseback.

Explore while horseback riding

Starfish Ride at the Coast involves spending three days at the sea. During these three days, guests are housed at the beach’s Mandra Edera Club House. During these three days, you will ride horses to your satisfaction. After having lunch at the stables, you can spend the rest of the afternoon doing other activities like swimming in the cool blue sea or sunbathing.

Mountains and Sea is a more robust package that gives riders the opportunity to discover the amazing sights and sounds of Sardinia. This five days adventure will take you through the beautiful this island’s beautiful landscape and quiet areas. Like Starfish Ride at the Coast, afternoons are free for wandering into the gardens or diving into the pool of Mandra Edera.

Experience amazing moment

The island of Sardinia has a lot to offer; from the charming mountains of the Montiferru to the beautiful sea waves. The only required condition for the riding tours is that the rider should be of good health condition. Apart from the exquisite accommodation and tour rides, Mandra Edera also offers an extensive course on horse riding covering jumping lessons, dressage lessons, trail riding or endurance riding.

The Locations For Professionals And Amateurs

Many centuries ago, horse riding was not much of a hobby, rather a means of transportation.

A day’s ride on horseback was equal to about an hour drive.

However, the horses provided an effective way of crossing the desert as they sweep away the desert sand at high speed. You can go fast or slow, but the latter gives you the opportunity to explore the surrounding. Horse riding these days takes the form of canter, giving the rider the opportunity to explore their surroundings.

Italian hospitality cuts across the diversity of foods, assorted wines, and a whole lot of historic locations. When it comes to horse riding, there are lots of locations that are suitable for amateurs and professionals. Below are some of the historic horse-riding locations suitable for riders with different levels of riding skills.


Mount Etna rising over suburbs of Catania

The Sicilian hills are better viewed on horsebacks. Pippa’s Paddock is a family run business that organizes programs that helps visitors to explore the beautiful mountains. Visitors combine their horse riding with wining and dining in the local restaurants as well as sightseeing. The hilly terrain of Sicily makes it a great terrain for professionals to hone their riding skills as well as dressage.

Inasmuch as the rides in this area are tailored to suit riders, they will be expected to trot, walk, and canter. Notwithstanding that the terrain is suitable for professional riders,intermediate riders will also gain from the riding guides to expand their knowledge.


Giara horses

Sardinia combines a variety of experience in one place. From riding through the pinewood to trotting on the beaches, you will get to admire the large diversity of flora and fauna. The diverse space makes Sardinia suitable for all kinds of riders. Amateur riders will need to choose their space carefully.

One of such spaces is Capitana, a horse riding center located on a farm that was once the home to a herd of cows. Horse riding in this area is also tailored to suit the needs of the rider. There are also horse-riding lessons for beginners. The tuition fee is usually higher for beginners. However, if you can afford it, you’re riding skills should move up a few notches higher.


Vineyards in the Chianti region

Florence town organizes leisure horse riding tours that allow visitors to explore Tuscany’s unique and fun environment. The tour kicks off at the Chianti region which is the heart of Tuscany. There is usually a wide range of horses cut across different ages for selection. The Chianti region is famous for its native woods, vineyards, rolling hills, and olive groves which offers riders a collection of breathtaking and memorable views.

The presence of highly-trained instructors and guides mean people without any horse riding experience can tag along (this includes children above 14 years). The most interesting feature of riding in this location is that it avails riders the opportunity to explore the medieval Villa at the end of the day and enjoy the best collection of Italian wines and delicacies.

What Other Visitors Are Saying?

Every now and then media is awash Western movies about horse riding.

Watching such movies often brings a feeling of longing. This longing has lured lots of people to Italy. The Pippa’s Paddock horse-riding holidays have been on-going for a long time now. Each year a large number of people subscribe to a tour of Sicily and its natural beauty.

Horse riding in the past was streamlined. Visitors only have access to one kind of horse. Also, the tours are limited to only a few routes. In the past, there is usually no provision for amateur riders except the professionals. In recent years, all that has changed. Riders now have a larger option to explore in terms of horse riding in Italy—and they have been saying a lot about their experience.

Packages For All Ages

There are lots of agencies carrying out holiday tours and excursions in Italy. They explore the different beautiful villages and historical sites. Exploring the mountains and valleys always feel different when they are done on horsebacks.

Visitors are excited that the horse-riding packages now cut across all ages and people with different skills and experience. The popularity of horse-riding vacations continues to grow exponentially. Children as young as 15 years as well as amateurs will have instructors at their disposal to help them learn.

Flexible Packages

The tour and horse-riding packages in Italy are mostly flexible. Visitors have the opportunity to choose from a day to a week long tour. The varying length packages make it possible for all and sundry to afford a horse-riding vacation in Italy. There is also a huge discount for younger children.

Each of the packages consists of different services which can range from accommodation to feeding and ride outs to numerous locations. When you are touring Il Paretaio, accommodations are usually in one of the castles in the area which gives you a sense of royalty.

The riding times can change depending on the season. For example, tours can be canceled if it rains. Riding at the beaches are only allowed during a particular time of the year. Most of the tour guides will not require you to have a previous horseback riding experience.

Flexible Ride Out

Visitors are talking about the flexible ride out times. The ride-outs times are usually divided into two; morning and afternoon. The morning ride outcomes after breakfast while the afternoon ride out are usually in the evening. At the end of the day, visitors are taken to a wide variety of Italian restaurants where they will enjoy the best of authentic Italian foods.

Horse Riding Schools

Italy has a rich horse-riding culture. It is not also surprising that they have some of the best horse-riding schools in the world. Visitors have continuously praised Italian horse-riding schools for the uniqueness of their riding schools. The instructors know how to pick the right horse that will match the skills and experience level of the visitor as well as meet their horse-riding ambition.

Horse Riding Holidays And Excursions At Pippa’s Paddock

If you are looking for the largest Italian island where you can enjoy the best of horse riding experience, Sicily should be your top priority. Sicily is one of the treasures of Southern Italy which can fill your itinerary with diverse activities ranging from exploring nature to having a peek at historical horse-riding locations.

Sicily’s land seems to be endowed with nature’s wonders including hills, mountains with seas of incredible colors.

The fascination of this island grows when you consider the treasured historic archaeological sites. For example, the greatest active volcano in Europe, Etna, is found on the eastern coast of Sicily. It is usually the first stop for those trying to discover this region.

Those who love to trek can enjoy guided excursion along different routes through the natural park of Sicily. Those who prefer to explore the wonders of this area can also do so on horsebacks. If you nursed the fascination of becoming an expert in horse riding, Il Paretaio has the best riding schools in the world for beginners and experts.

How Pippa’s Paddock Started?

Preparing for our morning horse ride… Mark with Quasimir
(photo by PippaPaddock)

Mark was a car racer for two decades in the 1980s and 90s. He traveled extensively this time and explored the island including the remote places. The knowledge gathered during this period was the basis for the foundation of Pippa’s Paddock.

Pippa’s Paddock is located in North of Sicily, around the Madonie Mountains. Pippa’s Paddock takes pride in treating guests like a family and providing them with a breathtaking holiday experience around the region.

Active Adventure

Over the past years, Pippa’s Paddock has organized a number of holidays and excursions. Inasmuch as they focus on giving the guest the unique feel of experiencing Italian cultures like food, wine, and visiting historic places, their specialty is horse riding holidays.

Sine Mark has traveled extensively around the island, Pippa’s Paddock is able to design an itinerary that is customized to suit the taste of every visitor. In the plan of a holiday experience, Pippa’s Paddock reaches all types of places, from the old to the new to ensure a fun holiday with sustained activities.

A Peek Into A Typical Day

What to do at Pippa’s Paddock

A typical day during a one-week riding holiday with Pippa’s Paddock is almost unpredictable. Some days you saddle up after breakfast for a 2 to 3 hours ride. After lunch in the afternoon, you either take a rest or go on excursions.

Evenings are no different. Pippa’s Paddock either takes you to different restaurants in town to enjoy a variety of Italian foods or barbeque is made in the terrace.

The routine changes frequently and the aim is to sustain the exciting holiday feeling.

Accepted Age Range And Rates

The horse-riding holidays organized by Pippa’s Paddock accommodates a large variety of audience, from beginners to expert. This is because the horses are well-trained. Riders who have varying abilities are divided into groups to make it easier to care for them.

There are different holiday riding packages. The 5-day trip cost € 650 while the 7-day trip cost €945. The prices can change depending on the season too.