If you are new to Italy or simply looking for the perfect place to enjoy a personalized horse riding experience, the Santa Cristina Castle will be one of your top picks. This 17th-century castle is sandwiched between Siena and Orvieto, about one and half hour drive from Rome. Castello di Santa Cristina is undoubtedly one of the priced historic locations for horse riding in Italy.

A lot of restoration works has been done to different parts of the castle in the past decade. This includes the out-buildings and the ivy-covered farmhouse. The purpose of the refurbishment is not to overly transform the castle to a modern edifice, rather, to carefully restore its integrity and authenticity.

Apart from the beautiful castle and breathtaking topography, Santa Cristina is also a great location to test ride your horse. There is a unique sensation that comes with riding your horse in a natural location. The horses tend to be more relaxed and freer of the tension associated with prying eyes and noise of densely populated areas.

The horses are usually a mix of warmblood and Thoroughbred crosses, and local Italian crosses. Some of the trail excursions will take you as far as the natural reserve of Selva Del Lamone, Lake Bolsena, and Proceno castle.

What To Expect From Horse Riding Tour In This Area?

There are different tour agencies offering horse riding tour of this medieval castle. Each of the agencies usually offers a slightly different experience with a few of them offering perks like dining and accommodation. However, there are a few things you should look out for when choosing your tour agency.

Riding Routes

Always choose a tour guide that will allow you to explore different routes instead of the one that sticks to a single route. To effectively explore the natural and historical marvel of this place you need to go through different routes. You should also find out when it is allowed to ride at the beaches where you can also stop over for a refreshing swim.

The most unique horse-riding location in this area is the Mezzano lakes and Bolsena. These locations are set on the crater of extinct volcanoes. Beyond this area, you will find the village of Sorano in nearby Tuscany. The village is made of tuff which makes it difficult to clearly distinguish it from the hillside. There is also the tiny village of Proceno which I almost obscured by its castle.

Food And Accommodation

After a long horse ride, you should expect your muscles to ache in different places. Some tour agencies make provision for Ayurveda masseuse to help you relax. It is also important to choose an agency that will provide accommodation in one of the castle’s stunning rooms where you can have a taste of fine wine and authentic Italian food.

Proceno castle and Santa Cristina Castle are two historic locations that will make a good place to spend the night. Both of the castles have something in common; they were both recently restored. Accommodation in the Santa Cristina Castle is in the farmhouse and there are single and double rooms available. Fortress of Sorano also provides accommodation in a charming environment.

Vacationer’s Experience

One of the smart ways of really accessing the quality of experience an area offer is to read through the reviews of those who have been there before. Scanning through TripAdvisor you will find lots of 5-star rave reviews left behind by people who have visited Santa Cristina Castle. The common feature of the review centers on the horse-riding experience and the accommodation.

The visitors confessed that the horses looked good and were well-maintained. Just like all fingers are not equal, different horses have different experiences. One of the keys to enjoying your horse ride in this area is choosing a horse that is unique to you. A tour guide should be able to choose a horse with the right knowledge and skill that will blend with yours.

Riders that are not Italian natives will also get to enjoy the English style riding gears. Riders also get to ride at their own pace. The riding times vary depending on the tour guide. However, they are usually perfectly timed to give riders ample time to stroll around the nearby villages.