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Every now and then media is awash Western movies about horse riding.

Watching such movies often brings a feeling of longing. This longing has lured lots of people to Italy. The Pippa’s Paddock horse-riding holidays have been on-going for a long time now. Each year a large number of people subscribe to a tour of Sicily and its natural beauty.

Horse riding in the past was streamlined. Visitors only have access to one kind of horse. Also, the tours are limited to only a few routes. In the past, there is usually no provision for amateur riders except the professionals. In recent years, all that has changed. Riders now have a larger option to explore in terms of horse riding in Italy—and they have been saying a lot about their experience.

Packages For All Ages

There are lots of agencies carrying out holiday tours and excursions in Italy. They explore the different beautiful villages and historical sites. Exploring the mountains and valleys always feel different when they are done on horsebacks.

Visitors are excited that the horse-riding packages now cut across all ages and people with different skills and experience. The popularity of horse-riding vacations continues to grow exponentially. Children as young as 15 years as well as amateurs will have instructors at their disposal to help them learn.

Flexible Packages

The tour and horse-riding packages in Italy are mostly flexible. Visitors have the opportunity to choose from a day to a week long tour. The varying length packages make it possible for all and sundry to afford a horse-riding vacation in Italy. There is also a huge discount for younger children.

Each of the packages consists of different services which can range from accommodation to feeding and ride outs to numerous locations. When you are touring Il Paretaio, accommodations are usually in one of the castles in the area which gives you a sense of royalty.

The riding times can change depending on the season. For example, tours can be canceled if it rains. Riding at the beaches are only allowed during a particular time of the year. Most of the tour guides will not require you to have a previous horseback riding experience.

Flexible Ride Out

Visitors are talking about the flexible ride out times. The ride-outs times are usually divided into two; morning and afternoon. The morning ride outcomes after breakfast while the afternoon ride out are usually in the evening. At the end of the day, visitors are taken to a wide variety of Italian restaurants where they will enjoy the best of authentic Italian foods.

Horse Riding Schools

Italy has a rich horse-riding culture. It is not also surprising that they have some of the best horse-riding schools in the world. Visitors have continuously praised Italian horse-riding schools for the uniqueness of their riding schools. The instructors know how to pick the right horse that will match the skills and experience level of the visitor as well as meet their horse-riding ambition.

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