The Locations For Professionals And Amateurs

Many centuries ago, horse riding was not much of a hobby, rather a means of transportation.

A day’s ride on horseback was equal to about an hour drive.

However, the horses provided an effective way of crossing the desert as they sweep away the desert sand at high speed. You can go fast or slow, but the latter gives you the opportunity to explore the surrounding. Horse riding these days takes the form of canter, giving the rider the opportunity to explore their surroundings.

Italian hospitality cuts across the diversity of foods, assorted wines, and a whole lot of historic locations. When it comes to horse riding, there are lots of locations that are suitable for amateurs and professionals. Below are some of the historic horse-riding locations suitable for riders with different levels of riding skills.


Mount Etna rising over suburbs of Catania

The Sicilian hills are better viewed on horsebacks. Pippa’s Paddock is a family run business that organizes programs that helps visitors to explore the beautiful mountains. Visitors combine their horse riding with wining and dining in the local restaurants as well as sightseeing. The hilly terrain of Sicily makes it a great terrain for professionals to hone their riding skills as well as dressage.

Inasmuch as the rides in this area are tailored to suit riders, they will be expected to trot, walk, and canter. Notwithstanding that the terrain is suitable for professional riders,intermediate riders will also gain from the riding guides to expand their knowledge.


Giara horses

Sardinia combines a variety of experience in one place. From riding through the pinewood to trotting on the beaches, you will get to admire the large diversity of flora and fauna. The diverse space makes Sardinia suitable for all kinds of riders. Amateur riders will need to choose their space carefully.

One of such spaces is Capitana, a horse riding center located on a farm that was once the home to a herd of cows. Horse riding in this area is also tailored to suit the needs of the rider. There are also horse-riding lessons for beginners. The tuition fee is usually higher for beginners. However, if you can afford it, you’re riding skills should move up a few notches higher.


Vineyards in the Chianti region

Florence town organizes leisure horse riding tours that allow visitors to explore Tuscany’s unique and fun environment. The tour kicks off at the Chianti region which is the heart of Tuscany. There is usually a wide range of horses cut across different ages for selection. The Chianti region is famous for its native woods, vineyards, rolling hills, and olive groves which offers riders a collection of breathtaking and memorable views.

The presence of highly-trained instructors and guides mean people without any horse riding experience can tag along (this includes children above 14 years). The most interesting feature of riding in this location is that it avails riders the opportunity to explore the medieval Villa at the end of the day and enjoy the best collection of Italian wines and delicacies.

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